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    About Ahens

    Founded in 2010, ‘Ahens’ by Sneha became a method of self-expression unveiled through the emotion of designing as a reflection of herself. It was the embodiment of a beloved dream, a journey full of hope and ambition.

    In 2017, Ahens was officially registered as a company marking a milestone in our journey. The first step towards growing a dream was achieved. With this, Ahens marched towards providing empowered clothing for the women of today! This gave us momentum and added fuel to becoming a better and bigger brand.

    Growing from strength to strength with the purpose of celebrating every woman and her individual style, Ahens strives to bring affordable, bespoke fashion to you. Our collections are a reflection of the power that lies within the divine feminine.

    Our ambition is to have atleast one Ahens outfit in the wardrobe of every woman who understands her own worth and has the discerning capability to choose great quality.

  • Our Acheivements

    Ahens had the honour of dressing up Ms. India worldwide Mauritius in 2018. A pageant that draws contestants from India and from among members of the Indian diaspora, our ensembles complimented the contestant perfectly enabling her to channelise her inner strength and inherent beauty. It was a joy and honour to be able to draw from our Indian heritage and design a piece that was showcased and appreciated across the globe.

    Our creativity found new expression when we participated in the Spring Canada Fashion Show in 2019. A celebration of everything new and bright, it was a joy to be showcased with some amazing collections. This brought us International recognition and pride. What started as a fledgling dream, now had grown wings strong enough to fly across the seven seas, designing for women everywhere.

    Ahens took baby steps into the digital world in 2022. As a company that looks towards reaching more and more powerful women, we believed that digital growth was imperative.


About Founder

"A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin." - Amy Tan

These words are 100% true for me. My dreams, passion and fire for the work I do began with watching my mother run her business. She runs it till date and I learnt the tricks of the trade from seeing her zeal and enthusiasm.

Two cities made me and both of them are mirrored in my designs. One, the city of my birth - Kolkata and the other, the city I married into - New Delhi. When one taught me the slow, charming beauty of tradition and culture, the other fueled my edgy, go-getter spirit. My designs are an amalgamation of these two, making them the perfect blend for the women of today - gutsy yet rooted.

Ahens - the name is 'Sneha' spelled backwards. It carries my essence and is my true reflection. I design for women who are empowered and love to multi-task. My designs are hardy yet stylish, elegant yet powerful, feminine and smart. They are the armour every woman needs today, to win in every arena - be it the boardroom, a parent-teacher's meeting, an evening out or a client presentation. At Ahens, we prefer handcrafted over bling. My ambition is to bring to the fore our artisans and highlight gorgeous work like hand block printing and hand embroidery. I want my designs to be the epitome of Indian beauty.

I am deeply inspired by women achievers in every field ranging from Indira Nooyi to Palki Sharma, Falguni Nayar to Vineeta Singh. Ultimately, I want to see an Ahens outfit in every amazing woman's wardrobe. I want Ahens to be known for its quality and comfort.

Join the Ahens family of empowered women. Together we can rule.

- Sneha