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We only wish to see you dressed in your best. At Ahens, we cater to women who are on top of their game - be it as a professional or a homemaker. The purpose of Ahens is to celebrate every woman as an individual with her own style. We have chosen some of our favourites to showcase - take a look:

Our Story


Designing for PowerHouses

Ahens was started with the idea of making timeless clothes for the women who are adept at juggling multiple roles. It is for the CX0 who leads from the front to the Lecturer who adds panache to every subject. It is for the surgeon who has magic hands to the architect who designs dream spaces. It is for the women who believe in themselves and are willing to give their all for success - in every arena of their lives.

Our designs, silhouettes and cuts, fabrics are all chosen to ensure class, comfort and durability. We keep our Mother Earth in mind while choosing recycled fabrics and practice sustainability. We provide training and livelihood to marginalised women. It is our way to give back to society and hold up our fellow sisters.

Our dream is to see an Ahens outfit in the wardrobe of every successful woman from home to boardroom, in India and abroad.

Dressing Up An International Pageant Queen

Beauty pageants are a platform to showcase talent, beauty and elegance. It is a privilege to be able to dress up a participant in them.
Ahens had the honour of dressing up Ms. India worldwide Mauritius. A pageant that draws contestants from India and from among members of the Indian diaspora, our ensembles complimented the contestant perfectly enabling her to channelise her inner strength and inherent beauty. It was a joy and honour to be able to draw from our Indian heritage and design a piece that was showcased and appreciated across the globe.

Showcasing Talent in Canada

Our creativity found new expression when we participated in the Spring Canada Fashion Show. A celebration of everything new and bright, it was a joy to be showcased with some amazing collections. This brought us International recognition and pride. What started as a fledgling dream, now had grown wings strong enough to fly across the seven seas, designing for women everywhere.
We continue to grow and dream of a time when an Ahens outfit will be part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Going Digital - Moment of Pride

A year we will always remember because this is when Ahens took baby steps into the digital world. As a company that looks towards reaching more and more powerful women, we believed that digital growth was imperative. Our ambition is to have atleast one Ahens outfit in the wardrobe of every woman who understands her own worth and has the discerning capability to choose great quality.
We know this is just the beginning and we have big plans for our future. Join us on our journey - towards fashion that is the hallmark of poise, beauty and empowerment.


Client Spotlight

Personalised perfection for every age and size. We bring versatile, customised designs to fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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