Trends come and go, but the staples remain unmoved. A top to go with bottoms is basic. Fashion can add a touch of glamour and colour to the kind of top making it the flavour of the season, but how you pair it is what makes it rock.

Besides being a wardrobe staple, infact, because they are wardrobe staples, tops need to have certain qualities:

Versatility - When a top can double up as the perfect attire for a formal meeting and then can work as a chic outfit for an evening out - you have a winner!

Bespoke - Every body is different, it is only fair to have designs that look fabulous on them all, or alternatively,  have the flexibility to personalise it

Wrinkle free - Now this may not be a necessary requirement, but it certainly sweetens the cake for those who lead from the front and have to look spiffy, all the time. Perfect for a meeting, perfect for travelling

Ahens tops are customisable, made from a variety of fabrics including wrinkle free ones and are super versatile. <Shop Now>

A top can make or break your look. It is therefore smart to at least know about the basic kinds of tops and understand what would go well with a) your body type and b) the bottoms you are pairing it with.

Other things like occasion, texture, cut etc play a huge part as well. But let's stick to the fundamentals for now. Here are some absolute must-haves in your wardrobe.

1) The Tunic - It is perfect without being overdone. The fitting is usually super comfortable. If stitched well, it is capable of accentuating your curves without constricting movement. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be paired with almost any kind of bottom and worn for almost any occasion (of course depending upon the cut and quality of the material). A couple of good tunics are an absolute must-have in every wardrobe.

2) The Crop Top - From a grocery run to a Sangeet, a crop top is the darling of the masses these days. Settling in prettily just above the navel, this cheeky top is at once cute and sexy. Paired with a dungaree or with a saree, the crop top is an amazing addition to every wardrobe.

3) The Formal Top - Your wardrobe is incomplete without one top that is perfect for any occasion that you need to come across as competent and confident. The formal top could be anything from a button down shirt to a classically cut top.

4) The Peplum - A good style always finds it back to being popular. The peplum is versatile and is perfect for formal, casual or party wear. Just be extra careful about the colour and fitting before you make one your own.

5) The Lacey One - How can you go without a top that will get eyes to pop? For an intimate date night or to burn the floor at the discotheque, the lacey stuff is an absolute no brainer.

The kind of tops are endless. At Ahens we have the classic black and whites to the endearing formal tops with a dab of embroidery to the flamboyant flowy ones perfect for a cosy dinner.

Take a pick from the amazing range of tops we have to complete your wardrobe and make you fashion ready, everyday!